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Base Cashback Rate: 1.5%


- Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back
- For people with average credit (if you have good credit, the QuickSilver Rewards card is slightly better)

Annual Fee: $39
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4 / 5 - Great card for people coming off of a secured credit card

By James Austin on March 1, 2016

The Capital One QuicksilverOne Rewards cards is a great card to use and apply for for people looking t upgrade from a secured card. The application process was a snap for, and the approval/denial response time was quick; I didn't have to spend weeks waiting to see if I got approved or denied. The 1.5% cashback on all purchases is a great incentive to use the card regularly, so every purchase feels likes I am getting more back from it. This card is especially good for young people moving into unsecured credit since the barrier to approval (decent credit history and decent credit score) is relatively low. If there's not mark against the card, it is that it requires an annual $39 fee to continue to use the card. Overall, I highly recommend this card for young people, people starting out on unsecured credit, or just people looking for rewards.

4 / 5 - Card is great for young adults!

By scott bee on February 29, 2016

Like many people, part of my college experience was being introduced to credit cards...and like most people, it didn't go so well. I spent the first several years of my post-college, "real-job" life paying for those mistakes. Once I got completely out of debt, I vowed to never again use credit cards. Then, I began to wonder if I was leaving money on the table as I read more about points/miles/cashback options. The QuickSilverOne card was my first choice, and I'm happy (proud) to report that I have paid every bill in full every single month AND have gotten to take advantage of the 1.5% cashback! After several months of paying everything off in full, I got an increase to my credit limit and watched as my FICO score inched higher and higher. This is a wonderfull card if you have similar past experiences as I do and are able to pay off the balance each month. I "only" gave it 4/5 stars due to the yearly fee of $39, otherwise, this is a perfect card for me!

3 / 5 - Good card

By TLP on February 29, 2016

This rewards card has good perks! The cash back option is quick, useful and easy to use. The interest rate is a bit high, but the card doesn't require a minimum amount of "points" before you have to redeem them for cash. I was hesitant at first to use Capitol One and their services, as I had other big credit card carriers in the past, but their customer service and website are very easy to use and I've had no problem with them. I would definitely recommend this card to you!

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