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Base Cashback Rate: 1.0%

Current Bonuses

2.0% - Always Active
Categories: Drug Stores, Gas, Restaurants
5.0% - Always Active


- 5% Cash back at (if you are a Prime member), 3% if you are not a Prime member
- 2% Cash back at restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores
- 1% Cash back everywhere else

Annual Fee: $0
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5 / 5 - Great card

By Schmitty on March 2, 2016

First and foremost, if you are an Amazon fan, this card if for you. You get 3% back on all Amazon purchases. So if your like me, this adds up fast. You also get cash back on most other purchases as well (2% or 1%). There is no annual fee, when is a nice touch as well. This is a great card to have for anyone. I would recommend this card to my friend a or family members. You can't go wrong with this card.

5 / 5 - Great Card!

By John on February 29, 2016

This card is absolutely awesome. I am a frequent Amazon shopper. Whether it's birthdays, holidays, or just because, my go to store to make my final purchase is Amazon. Seriously, I'll sometimes even go to a department store, only to find myself comparing prices with Amazon. The fact that this card gives me bonus points only furthers my Amazon addiction! I'm half joking. The fact of the matter is that if you purchase even just a few things from Amazon in a calendar year, than this card is worth it. The sign on bonus is fantastic, as well as, the relatively low APR (in addition to the rewards which I have already mentioned!). Apply for this card, and Amazon discounts your first purchase as well. It's really a no-brainer!

5 / 5 - Good Rewards

By C. Wong on February 29, 2016

I've been using my Chase Amazon Rewards card for a little over a year and I must say that I've really been liking the rewards points that I've been racking up which I can spend at Amazon's site. This is my very first credit card and I have not had any problems with it so far.

5 / 5 - Great rewards program, no annual fee

By Jon Malone on February 29, 2016

This card was a big step up for me. Unlike my previous miles card from Bank of America, there's no annual fee, the APR is lower and I get cashback for stuff I would buy anyway. I've had a lot of issues with previous credit cards tacking on fees that appear out of nowhere. Capital One has always been a "what you see is what you get" card. I've never felt like they've cheated me or charged me for simply using their service. So far, I've been most satisfied!

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